Krusevo Workshop

The idea and the goal

The general idea of the “Krusevo Workshop” is to promote the city of Krusevo, especially the Memorial house of the most popular vocalist in the history of Macedonian pop music - the phenomenal singer Toshe Proeski, to become the leading musical and cultural centre for education of young talents..
In June 2015 we organized the first workshop in Krusevo with the Macedonian music legend, the guitarist Vlatko Stefanovski. It went extremely successful with over 70 participants worldwide, and a second workshop with the Macedonian Accordion music legend Blagoja Alacki which ended with a joint concert with the Macedonian Pop Star Elena Ristevska and the participants in the workshop. This June it will be third edition and it will be organized with the extraordinary Macedonian guitar virtuoso Damjan Pejcinoski.
The workshops are targeted for all young musical talents, a special opportunity and chance to meet, play and improve their skills by learning from established masters of a various arts. The similar workshops will follow in future with recognized and renowned artists from Macedonia and all over the world.

Participation requirements

Requirements for participation in the workshop:

The participation in the workshop is free of charge!

1. All interested guitar players from the Balkans and the world may participate at the workshop, having a unique chance to meet and learn more from the extraordinary guitar virtuoso – Damjan Pejcinoski whose method will be used for this workshop.
2. The workshop will be opened on June 20 at 09 a.m., in the Memorial House of Toshe Proeski. The workshop will last three days from June 20, 21 and 22, two sessions per day, in the morning and in the afternoon.
3. Precondition is to know the technique of guitar playing, for the purpose of easier following, upgrading and improvement during the workshop.
4. Each participant must have his/her personal instrument- guitar!
5.The travel costs to Krushevo, the accommodation and food costs in Krushevo shall be borne by the participants!
6. . The interested visitors must send a personal message to the official Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/krusevoworkshop/ with the following information: NAME; AGE; GUITAR EXPIRIENCE;
7. . Damjan Pejcinoski together with all participants in the workshop will hold a concert on the last day of the workshop on the plateau in front of the Memorial House.
8. The workshop will be documented in a video (short film) which will be uploaded on Youtube.
9. Links of accommodation facilities in Krushevo. vipmarket5.mk imoti.com.mk
10. Link of the bus timetable from Skopje to Krushevo
11. Link to the Facebook page
12. Info phone: +389 2 3226 990 (од 9.00 – 17.00)
13. Organizers of the workshop: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia and Treto Uvo Skopje